The International School Eindhoven (ISE): More than a school

The International School Eindhoven (ISE) is situated in the world’s most dynamic innovation hub for design, science and technology, the Brainport region of Eindhoven in the southern part of the Netherlands. For international families, who work and live in different places around the world, it is so much more than just a school. On our beautiful (green) campus we provide excellent primary and secondary education, parent workshops, language lessons and so much more!


We want to ensure that each and every ISE student is known, cared for, and challenged. We know that moving into a new country, region and community can be challenging. As a school that serves families coming from over 55 different countries, we recognize that we must also provide more than just an ‘education’ in its traditional sense. We offer a meeting spot for the international community so that people, new to the region, can make good contacts with fellow nationals and the local communities. 

This is an exciting job and we are pleased to show you how we do this through different stories. In a previous edition of Howdo magazine teachers, children and parents spoke of their experiences with ISE. It was lovely to hear their comments such as: “for me this is more than a job, it feels like home” and “there is no I in ISE, we are a group.”


This time we will be focusing on the Primary Dutch Department because it is unique to have the combination of international and Dutch curricula in one school. Daphne Dansen, Head of Primary Dutch department will tell you more about it in this article.

“ISE Dutch department is a bilingual school. Our teachers teach their lessons for 70% in Dutch and 30% in English. In the Dutch department teaching methods are used which fulfil the attainment targets. The subject areas in the Dutch department are theme based which means that, for example, in a period of time ‘house’ is the theme and that all aspects of housing will be taught. We pick subjects that are universal to all nationalities and ages.

One thing that is special about our school is our small classes, with maximum of 22 children, and the amount of support we can offer. We can provide extra help in international settings, giving the child a sense of other cultures without reducing his/her own cultural identity. We ensure that students settle in quickly. For example, we have specialists in Dutch language for children who do not have Dutch as their home language. On the average, children have learned to speak Dutch within a year. We also have remedial teachers who can help with difficulties of different kinds, like educational and social-emotional. Teachers who work at the ISE know what it is like to have lived abroad and have to settle in to a new environment. They are highly qualified and work closely together. They are in close contact with the parents. Every Friday parents are welcome in the class and get a newsletter from the teacher of their child with information about the activities and developments in the class.”

Daphne also speaks out of her own experience:

“I have worked at local schools and I see and experience that at the ISE the collaboration with colleagues and contact with parents is much more intense and the parents also ask this of us. Parents really want to know what we teach and how. We are connected through their children’s education but we also provide workshops for these parents and make them feel part of our community.

So, parents, are you (planning to come) back to the Netherlands? Do you expect to stay longer than a couple of years and want to stay connected to the international “culture”, as well as integrating in Eindhoven? Then the ISE Dutch Department might be a good alternative for your children’s development and your own wellbeing.

We work hard and we think it is fun!”


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