How are you doing

How are you doing Jean Paul van den Tillaar? (Chairman of the entrepreneurs association at Citycentrum Veldhoven)

Every company is dealing with the consequences of the Corona crisis. We asked the opinion of our relations/contacts on the present and the future. Today: Jean Paul van den Tillaar (Chairman of the entrepreneurs association at Citycentrum Veldhoven)

What impact does corona have on the activities in Citycentrum Veldhoven?  

Obviously a huge impact. In fact, we haven't had any activities or events in the Citycentrum since March 2020, while different activities or events took place every month for Corona. We will be organizing some alternative activities in the coming months, such as an online fashion show and an alternative Orange Market. In this way we still remain in the picture with our customers. Of course, everything is corona-proof and safe, just like all shops in the Citycentrum receive their customers in a safe and responsible manner.

Which changes due to Corona have you experienced as positive?

Positive? I'm a positive person, but positive doesn't really go together with Corona. The only thing that may be a positive consequence is that people think more about where they buy something. We also try to persuade our customers and visitors to buy locally as much as possible. With this we keep a lively and full center with cozy shops and restaurants, even after Corona. 

What would you personally like to do first when everything "opens up" again?

On a terrace in the sun, for example at Ludiek or d'n Burgemister, drink a delicious beer and have a bite to eat. 

What is your best personal memory of 2020?

The nicest, or actually most proud, is the fact that, after years, we have finally been able to realize the first 2 hours of FREE parking in the City Center. A long-cherished wish of visitors and entrepreneurs, which we have been able to achieve through a great collaboration. 

Unfortunately, we have only been able to take advantage of it for a short time, but if the shops are allowed to open normally again without making an appointment in advance, then customers will be warmly welcomed without having to pay for a parking space. 

Finally: which message do you want to give personally?

Just hang on and hopefully we can shop normally again soon, sit on a terrace, go to the gym or go on vacation. 

And for everyone, buy as much as possible locally in Citycentrum, then we will keep the shops and restaurnts and all events and activities that are often organized and sponsored by the local retailers



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