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Autobedrijf Bos & Slegers: mobility and more

In 1990 Autobedrijf Bos & Slegers was founded by Marcel Bos and Gerard Slegers and more than 30 years later they still work together every day.

Gerard: “We quickly outgrew our first location and moved to the Schootsestraat in Eindhoven. In the initial phase, we did everything ourselves, from maintenance and repair to sales. Our team has now grown to more than 15 skilled and friendly employees. Short lines of communication are of great importance for the quality level pursued by Autobedrijf Bos & Slegers.” 

Treat customers the way you want to be treated yourself. 

Our motto is: treat customers the way you want to be treated yourself. Our visitors can look around before being attended to on request. The choice for a reception at the back of the building also has the great advantage that communication with the workshop can be done in person. That works much better than having to communicate vehicle complaints to the mechanics by telephone. Our receptionist Stefan has been working with us for 25 years and knows exactly which data is important for a successful repair. He also knows the people by name and surname, as well as their vehicles and associated license plates. We are alert to such personal things. Just like fast service, because nobody likes to wait.”

Guaranteeing mobility 

At Bos & Slegers, they work 16 hours a day, 6 days a week to solve all kinds of mobility problems. Gerard: “That also applies to customers who buy or lease a car from us. They opt not only for a means of transport, but also for availability and freedom of movement. That is why we are active almost around the clock to keep our customers mobile. Both business and private drivers. In addition, all customers who have a major service carried out at Bos & Slegers are automatically assured of Bosch Car Service Breakdown Assistance. This means Roadside Assistance throughout Europe!” 

Particularly interesting for the business market is Bos & Slegers’ own lease branch. “In principle, we take care of all lease types, but we are particularly strong in short lease agreements with a favorable price. If someone needs a car for six months, we can offer it very competitively because we have the cars under our own management.”

Fast procedure for internationals

“We have short lines within our company and Marcel and I can make our own decisions, so we can act quickly and help customers quickly with, for example, a lease or rental car. Certainly when it’s about internationals, many companies require a lot of paperwork before eventually a positive (or even negative) answer is given. Apparently our working method is appreciated, because the number of internationals within our customers is only increasing. Through conversations with clients we found out that our brand independence is especially important: we have a choice of all brands and do not push a customer towards a specific brand. It’s all about what the customer needs.”

According to Gerard, Bos & Slegers is more than selling and maintaining a car. “We know the world of mobility and sometimes we arrange a car, bicycle and insurance for a customer. I also like to use my network. In a conversation with a potential customer, for example, it emerges that he is experiencing problems with a renovation, then I put him in touch 

with a contractor from my network who has a good reputation in that area.

Best of the best

In addition to the attractive price level and varied range, Autobedrijf Bos & Slegers can supply everything related to the car and also solve all malfunctions. “Our employees all follow Bosch Car Service training courses,” Gerard continues. “We opted for this workshop concept because Bosch is a supplier of 80% of car electronics and has more than 300 companies in the Netherlands alone that work according to this concept. As an affiliated company, we have diagnostic equipment with which we can read every brand. In addition, we have the first input when it comes to technical information that is necessary to be able to solve electrical faults, with the pleasant result that we also work for other car companies that can no longer solve certain faults due to advancing technology. In modern vehicles, everything actually goes through the computer and fiber optics. Gone are the days of plugging a voltage tester into a cable. Our technicians have the best of the best in terms of space, technology, training and tools. Basically everything Marcel and I wanted from the start…”

Always on the lookout for professionals

Marcel and Gerard have faith in the future, but at Bos & Slegers they also face a shortage on the labor market: “Most mechanics work with us for years, and luckily we don’t have many changes in our team, but we are always looking for good mechanics. They don’t have to be Dutch, anyone with a good knowledge of the English or German language will fit into our team.”

Steenoven 28 (Bedrijventerrein ‘Kapelbeemd’) 5626 DK Eindhoven
Telefoon: 040 252 24 25 • E-mail:

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