Wonka Podia work together on education projects for children in the Brainport region

enThe Wonka Podia are working together on a number of overarching and topical themes with the aim of lowering the barriers to theater. One of these themes concerns education. 


The Wonka Podia's mission is to enable as many inhabitants of the Brainport region as possible to enjoy theater. Children have special attention. After all, they are the visitors of the future. A fantastic theater experience brings a child much more than just a fun afternoon. Theater moves, relaxes, makes you think, confronts, and teaches you to look at things differently. They grant this to every child.

On the basis of this philosophy, the coming theater season has various projects specifically aimed at children of elementary school age. Wonka stages Wonka Podia is a collaboration of six venues in the Brainport region (red. De Schalm, De Hofnar, Kattendans, De Cacaofabriek, Het Speelhuis and Het Parktheater). Wonka Podia strives to make venues more accessible for everyone. Themes such as inclusiveness, internationalization and education are therefore central. Wonka Podia is one of the 26 Regio Deals Brainport Eindhoven. 

GiftActivity book for all elementary school children in Wonka communities 

In September, the Wonka venues have jointly published the first edition of the Wonka DoeBoek. This educational activity book is packed with theater and cultural education assignments and has been developed in collaboration with local cultural partners for all elementary school students (group 1-8). This autumn it will be given as a gift to all elementary school in the Wonka municipalities (Eindhoven, Helmond, Veldhoven, Valkenswaard and Bergeijk). For each municipality a (slightly) different version is developed, in which the local cultural partners of the municipality concerned are always visible.

Theater gift for 10.000 elementary school children in the Brainport region

In the spring of 2023, Wonka Podia will jointly offer a theater performance to all elementary school children in grades 5 and 6 in their municipalities. The intention of Wonka Podia is to offer this educational theater activity annually, in the venues or outside. For this first edition, the choice fell on the beautiful, imaginative outdoor performance The Mechanic and The Girl by Youth Theatre Wildpark. 

The festive project is being set up in collaboration with Wildpark and the culture coaches of all the municipalities involved. 

Educational project The outdoor performance De Monteur en het Meisje by Youth Theatre Wildpark can be played in the schoolyard and always for approximately 170 students. Some 60 outdoor performances will be organized, giving over 10,000 children the gift of theater from Wonka Podia. It is important that the performance is not just an isolated one, but that there is a preliminary process linked to it. There will be a special video lesson letter for the participating elementary school and, in collaboration with the culture coaches, we will look at what else is possible. Think, for example, of a connection with the music lesson at school or a theater teacher for the class. 



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