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In today’s stressful world, we need journaling now more than ever. Journaling is the simple act of putting pen to paper and writing your thoughts, inspiration, fears, achievements, and so on.

This is a great way to relieve stress and can be incredibly therapeutic, as writing helps us work through difficult emotions and let go of our emotional baggage. Keeping track of our goals and plans in our journal also increases our productivity.
There are no rules to journaling! All you need to begin is a notebook and a pen. There is no right or wrong way to do it, just what is suitable to you, and helps you attain mental peace and clarity. 
It may be a little intimidating to see a blank page before you, and not being sure of what to write. Start off by listing something you’re grateful for each day. This is a simple way to get into the habit of writing everyday without feeling the pressure of coming up with creative ideas.
This also increases positive thinking, especially in these trying times. You can list goals, doodle or sketch, make lists, reflect on your week, and so on. There are many resources online with journaling prompts, which may be a good starting point.
So snuggle up with a hot beverage and your favorite notebook in a cosy corner at home, and start journaling!
Anwesha Dutta


Can't agree more! Lovely write-up:)

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