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What a beautiful weather, it's time to wear a Kaftaan

Do you know what is a Kaftaan?  If you come from certain Asian areas, you probably have one in your closet,  or you may have seen people wearing kaftaans in trendy Netflix series. 

A Kaftaan is an extremely versatile garment that immediately transforms its wearer into a Queen. With an extremely regal and luxurious history, this flowy garment was a revered favorite by the Ottoman Sultans. Originating in Asia, it has been worn by a number of cultures around the world for thousands of years.

Today, you see a modern re-invented version of the Kaftaan, ranging from the beachwear Kaftaan to the Cocktail Party Kaftaan - regardless of the occasion, you will be sure to turn heads in this flattering and feminine outfit.

The beauty of the Kaftaan is the high level of comfort that it offers its wearer with a guarantee of elegance and sophistication exuding luxury. There is something to be said about the confidence that comes with being comfortable.

Tomorrow, the First Collection by Kaftaan Queens will be unveiled! Sameen Ansari is the founder and one of the most active members of our community.
Join us to celebrate this special moment with a lovely Launch Party at Creative Town in Eindhoven. You can browse through the entire collection at the Pop-Up Shop while sipping on delicious drinks and snacking on yummy treats. And all this, in fabulous company ofcourse!
Saturday 18th of June
16:00 - 20:00
Creative Town ('t college 22)
See you tomorrow
International Creative Women

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