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Well-being Weekend - It's time to reconnect.

It's time to reconnect with yourself, with nature, and with people in Eindhoven. Take a moment to relax, learn, meet new people and have fun. March 26 & 27, 2022.

Almost 2 years ago, during the first lockdown, we had a program called the Well-being Weeks. It was a program designed to support people through online sessions.  This program was a huge success, therefore, we extended it for more than 2 months.  Now is time to connect one more time, but this time in person.

The Well-being weekend is a program organized by local entrepreneurs and International Creative Women.   

We will have a weekend full of workshops, talks, and other activities to improve your well-being.

When: Last weekend of Dutch Happiness Week, 26 & 27 March.

Where: 2 different locations in Eindhoven: Creative Town ('T College 22) and Cafe De Hangar ( Meerhoven)

How to join: Check the agenda and choose the sessions you like or need most.

Price:  Each session has a different price. You can save 15% by booking before March 15th.


See you soon, in person!

International Creative Women



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