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Celebrating Women's Month with an Art Exhibition. International Creative Women is proud to present a collective art exhibition that will touch your heart and inspire your soul. 

From March 11th to March 31st, come and experience "Through the Glass". This art exhibition comprises works by ten international female artists living in The Netherlands and connected by Eindhoven’s artistic and creative environment.

In common, they share stories crossed by their cultural identities and the (not so visible) barriers that prevent them from freely occupying spaces and places.Together, they suggest different perspectives for a world in which women can freely express their creative potential and build more solidary ways of living.

The glass as a metaphor can evoke meanings of invisibility, isolation, fragility, connection and control. The expression glass ceiling, for example, is used when a (invisible) barrier, based on a discrimination, prevents someone from achieving higher positions in an organisation. The glass transparency can also evoke a sense of openness and honesty, encouraging viewers to see through the surface of things to the deeper truths that lie beneath. 

The artists in this exhibition are exploring different mediums, techniques, themes and poetics that guide us through the glass. From their works, we can relate to the subjectivities of the expatriate condition, the ways of seeing shaped by colonial and gender violences, the presences and absences connected to the built environment, the ironies of everyday life and the myths and prejudices that organise our societies.

Furthermore, they envision the power to generate more solidary and ecological ways of living and alternative representations of reality by shifting and decentering the gaze to include non-western cosmologies and landscapes. The exhibition as a whole is an invitation for the audience to accommodate their vision and see through.

Prepare to be moved by the sheer talent and passion of these ten female artists.  Come and join us at The Social Hub, and be part of a celebration that honors the power of women and their creative potential.

Make sure to visit us between March 11th to March 31st. Admission is free, and the experience is priceless. We can't wait to see you there!


International Creative Women


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