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In The Netherlands, you can furnish an apartment with a very low budget (or sometimes even for free) by building the interior of your house with only secondhand things

The magic of used and modern vintage styles can make life easier for foreigners coming to the Netherlands: many of us left not only our lives but also our furniture.  


When arriving in a strange country, the first thing we think of is to run to buy the basics without knowing where to go. I arrived in the Netherlands as a student, and still have an amazing chair we picked up from the street in my living room. We call it “the Throne”. 

While searching for secondhand furniture, I found websites such as Marktplaats, and places like Kringloopwinkel, and many others, where sometimes you can find real designer jewels for a very low cost.

Here are some tips to remember while looking for furniture:  

1. Create a plan for the place and a list of what you want.
2. Check the decoration stores to get ideas to design your space and compare prices, but do not despair! Search calmly until you find what you really like.
3. If something doesn't convince you but you've already bought it, don't worry. You can put it up for sale again.

Combine styles, and put an accent with new cushions or curtains. It’s incredible that you can even find secondhand plants! Moreover, if you want something special, there is nothing that a good coat of paint or an extra arrangement won't solve. Make your space unique!

Welcome to the Netherlands


Sally Ocana

Architect and Co-Founder of International Creative Women

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