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"Swimming in emoceans", Art Exhibition at Creative Town

Art doesn't have to be beautiful to touch us, the point is that it brings emotions. Emotions or feelings are the part of living that makes us feel alive.

Art also helps us to see the unseen world and understand how people with mental disorders and problems experience the world around them.

The exhibition "Swimming in emoceans" by self-taught artist Marta Tuminska presents her paintings and drawings touched by darkness and full of face and body expressions. She feels passionate about her and other people's emotional processes and problems, and so she communicates that in her art. She is also interested in the human body as a complex and intricate piece of nature in which every structure plays a role.

From the way of movement or body posture, we can read a lot of information about the human psyche condition and the emotion what someone is expiring at the moment. Marta is studying human anatomy to express and put on the paper all her visions.

An obvious symbol of death such as a human or inhuman skull or a skeleton is also depicted in Marta's work. It is an artistic reminder of the inevitability of death and that time is passing. Neutral acrylic colors and black, dramatic charcoal are Marta's favorite techniques.

The name of the exhibition is also not accidental. For Marta, the ocean is as immeasurable and mysterious as the human mind. The deeper you dive into it, the more dark places you discover. And to come to the surface you have to face them, experience them, and finally swim through them.

You can visit the exhibition this weekend (October 30-31) at Creative Town. The opening party will be at 15:00 with two great local Djs: Dj Tataa and Dj Nas. Free Entrance


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