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Painting my Food - Art Exhibition

Payal Puthran is exhibiting food and recipe illustrations during this two-day art show. 


Food, to Payal, is an emotion that connects and unites people. More than the sights, what stays with her long after visiting a new land is the local food.

Being an expat for a decade, it is natural to be hit by those waves of nostalgia. During one such phase, she started creating paintings of food from her hometown, Mangalore, India. As time went by, she created paintings of local Dutch food as memorabilia for her expat friends leaving the Netherlands. 

Recipe illustrations materialized out of mindless doodling while listening to her mother’s instructions for making an Indian dessert over the phone. Today, Payal enjoys breaking down a recipe into painted out steps and has created nostalgic illustrations for her clients over India, US and Europe.

Payal welcomes you to her exhibition showing painted 'Stroopwafel's, 'Dropjes', 'Haring' and recipes for 'Stampot', 'Chai', 'Biryani' amongst others. 

Payal Puthran began her art career with an ethnic style of art, heavily inspired by her Indian roots. She also creates paintings of recipes and food passed down from generations.

You can visit the exhibition for free and support local young artists in Eindhoven.

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of July at Creative Town ('T college 22, 5611EH). 14:00


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