How are you doing, Lianne? (Director of World Trade Center Eindhoven)

Every company is dealing with the consequences of the Corona crisis. We asked the opinion of our relations/contacts on the present and the future. Today: Lianne van den Boogaard (Director of World Trade Center Eindhoven)

What impact does corona have on your work at World Trade Center Eindhoven?

Suddenly the World Trade Center Eindhoven events could no longer take place, were turned into digital events and members could no longer meet. We immediately adjusted the implementation and via live stream & video calls we shared entrepreneurial examples and experiences and toured the region with the “Opkikkeractie”. Digitalization developed rapidly.

Which changes due to Corona have you experienced as positive?

That people have more of an eye for each other, awareness for the 'normal course of events' increased, success was suddenly no longer self-evident, but by looking at the possibilities instead of the impossibilities new opportunities arise, a crisis is also a new start. 

What would you personally like to do first when everything "opens up" again?

Bringing people together, because then a very special dynamic arises through which new ideas naturally surface, let people exchange experiences and knowledge so that they stimulate each other through socializing and togetherness. 

What is your best personal memory of 2020?

A beautiful long summer with a holiday in the Zillertal. Wonderfully blown away and walked in the mountains.

The SME deal we worked out with the partners for the municipality of Eindhoven. In various areas of focus, entrepreneurs will share experiences and specialists help SME’s to work together on the path to growth for their company!

Finally: which message do you want to give personally?

In a difficult situation, look for the possibilities, because doing nothing is not an option! Change course and seize the opportunities that come along! 

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