How are you doing, Bart Rovers? (Owner of Happy Bodies Eindhoven)

Every company or organization is dealing with the consequences of the Corona crisis. We asked the opinion of our relations/contacts on the present and the future. Today: Bart Rovers, owner of Happy Bodies Eindhoven


What impact Corona had on your company Happy Bodies Eindhoven?

 The impact has been huge, we were closed for 261 days in total. For a company that had a soft opening on November 2, 2019 and its official opening on January 25, 2020, it's a start that couldn't have been worse.

Due to the status as a “start-up company” we hardly got any support from the government. We therefore had to bear all losses ourselves, except from a small (NOW) contribution for our staff. However, we kept all our employees because we didn’t want to lose these great trainers and the pandemic wasn’t their fault….

Which changes due to corona have you experienced as positive?

I used both Lockdown periods to look at alternative possibilities for our company. For example, we already started a new label in lockdown 1 Co-Vit ( A label specifically for rehabilitation of people with corona. Unique in this is that we consciously entered into a collaboration with 3 parties, Happy Bodies, Blok 59 Physiotherapy and Lisa Persoon as a psychologist. With this we can deal with all problems after corona in one go. A positive point is that this treatment is being almost fully reimbursed by a basic health insurance!

We have also been able to follow a lot of training internally, so we now also have a specialist within our company in counseling people diagnosed with cancer. This just gives our company a niche and makes Happy Bodies Eindhoven what we stand for: VITALITY for EVERYONE. 

When Happy Bodies was finally allowed to open again, what was the first thing you did yourself?

We have now been open for 1 week and I have mainly been busy thanking the members who have remained loyal to us. In addition, we have started coaching again, so our customers can work on a vital body and life again. This is necessary, as on average we see that most people physically have deteriorated because of the Lockdown.

Personally, I can’t wait for eating out with the whole family again, and especially looking forward to the holidays, hopefully it will be possible this year.

What is your best personal memory of 2020?

We have made it “gezellig” at home with the whole family, and it turns out that you don't always have to go outside to have a great time. The bond in the family has become stronger because of this. 

Finally: What message do you want to give personally?

First of all, I preach for my own parish: make sure you have a vital body. Work out at least according to the exercise standard and yes, that means that you really have to exercise. A too high BMI combined with too little exercise increases the risk of serious illnesses. Everyone knows, but too few people really do something about it.

In the second place: government (national and local) don’t put your heads in the sand and do not only listen to Big Pharma, but also look at prevention. Invest in this by, for example, reimbursing good lifestyle coaches from health insurance. We as professionals can mean so much more to the community.

Finally, a call from my heart: help the local entrepreneurs. Those who have been closed have lost a lot of money. Go to those companies and support them!


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