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European Artistic Crafting Days in Eindhoven

International Creative Women is pleased to participate in the European Artistic Crafting Days!

Our event will take place over three exciting days and will offer participants the opportunity to experience and learn various crafts directly from experienced crafters and makers.

The doors will be open for the public to attend and participate in different workshops and interactive sessions with crafters from different parts of the world. During the workshops, participants will be able to work side by side with crafters and makers, using their hands as a primary tool to transform ideas and raw materials into beautiful and unique creations. This is an ideal opportunity to celebrate the value of handmade products and the craftsmanship that goes into creating them.

On the third and final day of the event, the makers and crafters will have the opportunity to showcase their creations in an exhibition. This exhibition will be open to the public, providing visitors with the chance to explore the many different crafts on display and interact with the makers, and ask questions about their techniques, inspirations, and experiences.

More information about joining in our website

This event is co-founded by European Union and Craft Council Europe. To know more about the initiative and the events in The Netherlands click here.


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International Creative Women

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