On our city tour 'Eindhoven in art', our local host and artist Lex Grote shows us the lesser-known art hotspots in the Eindhoven region. For this edition, he takes us to the AG-Eindhoven (the Academisch Genootschap or Academic Society). As Lex explains, the AG is an association of 400 members that organizes regular activities in the social, cultural and scientific field. At walking distance from the station, the society has its own villa, set in a beautiful garden on the Parklaan, where curator Liesbeth Schreuder organizes regular art exhibitions.


Liesbeth is a curator as well as a member, which is typical for the AG, she explains: "We have a range of activities, and uniquely, everything is organized by the members themselves. Those activities include interesting lectures, a literature circle, debating groups, a theatre group and versatile social activities such as social drinks, bridge, golf, excursions, and cycling and walking tours."


Membership is open to anyone, Liesbeth says: "Whoever wants to participate in the activities, can become a member, be it that you want to develop your talents, deepen your knowledge or are just looking for fun. There are no requirements for membership. Everyone who likes to meet new people is very welcome."


All information on AG-activities can be found on the extensive website, www.ag-eindhoven.nl. Some activities are open to non-members, the regularly changing exhibitions among them. "The walls of the entrance hall and the restaurant-bar area are permanently available to professional artists, preferably from the region", Liesbeth explains.


'Untitled': exhibition June 4, 2020- January 31, 2021 (under reserve).


This year, AG celebrates its 75th anniversary. Before Corona, a wide range of festivities was planned, including a new exhibition called 'Untitled'. But Corona, of course, changed everything. Many of AG's normal activities by now have an online alternative via Zoom. But the festivities had to be postponed and will hopefully take place next year. "So we were very happy that on June 4, we were at least able to open the exhibition", Liesbeth says. "It is different from previous exhibitions, as this time all the artwork was made by AG members. Self-expression is high on the AG agenda, so we are very proud to show the wide range of creativity of our members. There are paintings, tapestries, felt works, drawings and photos. Versatile, colourful and very rewarding."


Although 'Untitled', the name of this exhibition, seems somewhat meaningless, it was a careful choice. In visual arts, titles often serve as an aid to the interpretation of the art itself. Liesbeth often invites two artists for a dual exhibition, and in such case the title refers either to the essence of the exhibited work or to what binds or distinguishes the artists. In this exhibition, there is so much diversity that any title of a few words would be insufficient. So the story on the walls of the AG this time simply tells about the pleasure of creating and of sharing those creations with others.


'Untitled' can be visited free of charge from Monday to Friday. The AG is closed during weekends.

Until September 1, reservation is obligatory: 040 243 4808.


Check the website for the safety rules regarding Corona. If you would like to get acquainted with the AG, also check the website.


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