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Dutch Design Week Exhibitions by International Creative Women

This year International Creative Women has two exhibitions:  SARASWATI. Celebrating Creativity and HOME. The House of Homeland Simulations.

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning. She is the inspiration behind the design and a reminder to tap into our creative power whenever we feel lost, disconnected, or hopeless.

Creativity is a superpower we all have, but sometimes forget how to access. It can help us process difficult emotions, go through challenging experiences, connect with loved ones, relax, express ourselves, discover our hidden talents, grow, heal, and many more. It can help us turn our pain into power. It can even save our lives.

The installation honors creativity as a tool self-empowerment and celebrates all the ways it can improve our lives.

This exhibition has been co-created by Octophina, International Creative Women, and The Social Hub.  You can visit Saraswati at The Social Hub (former Student Hotel) .


Our exhibition includes:

1. An installation where people can share how creativity helps them and inspire others with their path. 


  • Take a lotus flower.
  • Write why creativity is important for you.
  • Add your story to the creativity tree and inspire others to reconnect with their
  • creativity!

Each storyteller enriches the installation and makes SARASWATI an ever-changing collaborative project by the community for the community.

2. Creative Workshops.

The project also involves workshops as a way to engage visitors in different creative processes. With prior registration, people will have the opportunity to awaken, develop and use creativity in different aspects of their daily lives.  

There are six different workshops:


3. Pop-Up Store

We will take over The Social Hub Shop. Visitors can find unique designs created locally by members of International Creative Women.


See you in 5 days!


International Creative Women



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