Oil paintings in animations transfer you into new worlds.

Dreamscapes - Art exhibition by Wijnand Driessen

The solo art exhibition by Eindhoven artist Wijnand Driessen consists of a collection of paintings and 3D creations. It is a stunning combination of new media and traditional oil painting of city scapes, which invite you to dive into new worlds. The art exhibition will lead you through fantastic displays of cityscapes which you can’t find like this in reality.

Since 2009 Wijnand Driessen (Nuenen, 1984) has been working as a background painter in the animation industry. In animation films, background and players are always made separate designed from each other. As a result, the backgrounds often look abandoned. This desolation can be found in much of Wijnand’s work in the wide faces, his eye for detail and the sharpened gaze.

When you think of animation, you think of a digital creation process. But nothing is less true. Contrary to what you might expect, Wijnand makes his backgrounds analogous. So that just means that he paints them. Gradually, these ‘backgrounds’ have acquired a different position in his oeuvre and they evolved into autonomous paintings.

They look like as every day urban landscapes and at the same time they show you the strangeness of a familiar environment. The hand-painted and detailed qualities of Japanese animation inspired him to become this meticulous environmental analyst.

Several trips to Japan and the international success that animation brought him -and his partner Matty Jorissen (Geldrop 1984)- have strongly influenced his autonomous work. “The eye for detail, the compositions and use of color are specific elements that touched me as an artist. Working on animations for major studios such as The Sandman for Netflix, Undone (Prime Video), Amazon Prime, Madhouse and others gave me a unique painting style.”

Art Exhibition: 11th of November until 11th of December 2022
Thursday to Sunday 1-5pm
Opening Evenement on Friday 11th of November 2022, 8pm

Read more on: www.albertvanabbehuis.com

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