Creative Women

“A pink bunny is on the loose at an art exhibition!” warns the authority to the public. 

Will she munch through the free snacks and sign every painting in bold, pink letters?  Visitors beware. As Bunny conducts her usual business, safety is not guaranteed. 

Bunny (and Fox) is a creation of Valentina Tu, aka prettyperkyparakeet, whose penchant for comedy and drama propels her to tell stories through words and through paint. 


What to expect:

☞ Cute, storybook-like gouache paintings and stories created by Valentina Tu 

☞ Free snacks. Child-friendly. Limited edition goodies.


Join Bunny, Fox and Valentina at Creative Town ('T College 22, 5611EH)

Saturday, 28 May 14:00—18:00 
Sunday, 29 May 14:00—17:00 

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