After the relaxation of more rules, we decided to have our first field trip of the year! A group of 6 young artists had the honor to visit the studio of Lex Grote.

Lex received us in his beautiful garden, where we discussed art over tea and coffee. The ladies had the chance to tell their stories, show their paintings, and discuss their styles and passions. After that introduction, we moved to his wonderful studio.

It was such a beautiful work of art in itself. The skylights brought in plenty of sunshine to illuminate the beautiful workspace and the gorgeous pieces of art. Some of the women had seen his work exhibited in galleries before, but seeing his paintings in his studio was a completely different story.

This was a unique opportunity to pull back the curtain and see where the paintings were created for months or years. We got a first-hand look at where the magic happens! Lex also shared the stories of the paintings hanging in the walls of his house, and we were lucky to see a gorgeous painting in progress.

In the end, we all parted with many ideas, many smiles, and many dreams. A million thanks, Lex, for such a magical morning!

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