Living the expat life in Geldrop-Mierlo

Rob van Otterdijk: “The former towns Geldrop and Mierlo were merged on January 1st, 2004. As often, but not always, happens in such a fusion both names remained intact, though hyphenated. Presently, Geldrop-Mierlo consists of nearly 40.000 inhabitants, making it a medium-sized city for Dutch standards. This size offers both the advantages and services of a city without losing the charm of a village. Civil servants who’ve come from outside are often fondly surprised by the number of activities and events Geldrop-Mierlo has to offer.”

Social life

“As a city, it is our duty to provide chances for newcomers to integrate within the community. At present, there are approximately 25 nationalities within our city limits. We are paying more and more attention to the desires and needs of expats because we are well aware that expats enrich our society. Two of them are my neighbors. We are not alone in this. I am in close contact with the alderman of Waalre to address this issue and make our region more attractive. Attention is being paid to the housing needs of students, starters and expats.”

“Since Geldrop and Mierlo still have their own cores there are many sports clubs, musical societies, choirs and other social organizations one can join and quickly integrate into the community. Besides that, Geldrop-Mierlo has the facilities of swimming pool De Smelen and a wellness center. We can also recommend a visit to the art cinema and theatre. Geldrop-Mierlo is a compact city with a high level of care, both professionally and socially, of which we are extremely proud. The St. Anna Hospital is highly regarded and has always been the hospital where injured PSV-players receive medical care.”


Accessibility and nature

“Geldrop-Mierlo has a direct connection by train to Eindhoven Central and Strijp-S. By car it only takes about ten minutes to get to ASML via the A67. The center of Eindhoven can also easily be reached by bicycle, bus and car. The wonder of Geldrop-Mierlo is that besides its accessibility it is also surrounded by a green zone separating it from neighboring towns.”

“The Strabrechtse Heide (heath) and the Groote Heide are ideal for walking and cycling. As is a walk through the castle grounds or a visit to the castle itself. With so many activities and gardens the castle has enough to offer for a day out. The children’s farm, botanic garden and teagarden are just a few of its hotspots. You can even host your wedding ceremony in this romantic venue. For the professionals, conference centers are present as well. The Kleine (little) Dommel flows through the castle grounds and Geldrop, eventually joining The Dommel between Eindhoven and Nuenen.”

Schooling and living

“There are fifteen primary schools in Geldrop-Mierlo. So especially if your children are young and you are planning to stay here for a lengthy period it might be a great opportunity for your children to pick up the Dutch language easily. A gift for life. If not, as I said before, it is only a five-minute train ride to Eindhoven where a direct bus service takes the children to the International School. The secondary school in Geldrop, Strabrecht College, is a Brainport school that focuses on 21st century educational skills and is in close contact with businesses in the Brainport area. A perfect preparation for your child’s professional life.”

“Living in Geldrop-Mierlo is wonderful. The houses, most of them with gardens, are relatively more affordable than in Eindhoven. The neighborhoods are safe and very social. We are surrounded by nature and offer many facilities; shops, restaurants, bars, a hospital and castle to name just a few. Why not spend a day to explore our wonderful city? We’d love to welcome you as a new inhabitant!”

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