Blok 59 Vitality: Healthy and Vital shopping mall instead of a low budget club.

The initiator of Blok 59 Vitality, Bart Rovers, explains the concept.

In recent years the part of low budget clubs in the fitness branch has increased greatly. Their most important selling point is their low pricing. In this manner members pretty much buy access to fitness machines for a little money. But members should not expect anything more, out of economical choices coaching has been mostly minimised or even eliminated.

As a response to these developments new initiatives have risen. Bart Rovers, initiator of Blok 59 Vitality: “Our philosophy on not having pricing or equipment to be the central focal point. We choose for a more intense, higher quality more personal approach. The market for boutique fitness studios is slowly but surely rising, with aimed programs for a specific group of people who are seeking this particular approach out.”

Blok 59 presses for structural personal attention and the option to choose those activities that connect best to someone’s personal needs. All in a safe and council approved space. Hygiene, ventilation and a professional staff are all key pointers in a strict protocol to keep Covid 19 out the door.

Healthy and Vital shopping mall

Bart continues: “ To add a few boutique fitness studios to our Happy Juices green heart we created a Healthy and Vital shopping mall of 1.300 m2. These boutiques are run by independent entrepreneurs. Each store has its own P&L and brand but is not competitive with their neighbour. As one group under the same umbrella they also put out an overall brand. Our services distinguish themselves by intensive guidance or coaching and/or an innovative character. Apart from that we also align our activities with the needs of our primary target audience. (35+, business clientele and internationals) and they are continuously evaluated and changed where needed.

In line with their vision Blok 59 Vitality primarily targets people who are aware of their own responsibility towards their health and are ready to invest in it. So no impersonal “big-box-club” but an environment that offers optimal personal en high quality attention. Where people feel respected as customers, and feel at home between like minded people and friends: “home-away-from-home”.

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