Which drink gives you the biggest hangover the next morning?

Is it the red Wine or the few shots?


YES! The terraces are reopened and we can enjoy each other's company. With these nice temperatures coming up, I think many of us can be found on a terrace. But what do you drink? A nice cold glass of cola, a big glass of beer or a tropical cocktail? Those last two can give you a major hangover. So, here's a list of the worst hangovers!


Whisky and red wine

Studies have shown that the darker the drink, the worse the hangover. This is due to certain substances in these drinks, including acetone and tannin. These drinks also contain more colorings and flavorings. So, the more you ingest of these substances, the worse your hangover will be tomorrow.



Very tasty and party-like, but the hangovers are very heavy. This drink contains barley and this is what makes the bubbles. This means it gets into your bloodstream sooner, which increases the chance of a serious hangover.



It was just mentioned that the darker the drink, the worse the hangover, so why not beer? That is a vague story. Some claim that you get a hangover more quickly because of the colours and the substances such as in whisky and red wine. Others think it is because beer makes you feel full faster and you slow down. Then you start drinking shots, which again contain strong alcohol and still give you a hangover.


What is it that gives you the least number of hangovers?

First of all, it varies who drinks it, because of course every person is different. It is said that if you drink white wine or vodka Sprite, your hangover should be less bad.


Time to give it a try!

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