Vintage Tech Fair
Sunday, October 8th 2023 10.00-16.00h

After the successful first version on March 5th 2023, we are proud to plan the next edition of the VTF: Vintage computers, retro gaming, personal audio, camera’s, accessories, software, manuals and more!

Think… 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Altair, Apple, Atari, cabling, cassettes, cartridge base gaming, CD-interactive, CP/M, Commodore, disks, Exidy Sorcerer, gadgets, geeks, harddisks, Hewlett Packard, Kaypro, LAN, LED, manuals, MIDI, modems, MSX, Modding, networking, Nokia, Osborne, P2000, parts, personal audio, Philips, Polaroid, Pong, Psion, SCSI, Sinclair, software, soundblaster, Spectrum, Texas Instruments, tools, UNIX, walkmans, Xenix, and much more!

Free entrance!

Location: The ‘geek store’ by Erix Collectables & GameForce 

Visserstraat 18A, 5612 BT Eindhoven

The shop will be open during the fair as well, where we also offer soda, coffee/tea and snacks.


Visitor information:

  • There is no entrance fee

  • Doors open at 10h and we close at 16h

  • Location info: We are 10 minutes walking distance from Eindhoven train station. If you come by car use the paid parking spaces in the street.

  • During the fair the GameForce and Erix Collectables shop is open as well. Here you can also go for coffee/tea/soda and snacks.

Participation information:

  • Tables are 130cm x 80cm and cost €10 per table. Tables need to be pre-booked, you can not get extra tables on the day itself! See below.

  • If you need electricity (€10 for the whole day per seller) please also let me know in advance. Bring your own extension cord.

  • We have chairs available for you.

  • If you want to participate mail me the following info: your name and address, (mobile) phone number and Email address, the number of tables (130x80cm) you want (€10 each), if you need electricity

After I receive your info, I will send you an invoice. After payment I will send you the confirmation. Only with the confirmation, the booking is final.

Build-up time: Sunday between 8h and 9.30h. During unloading you can temporarily park near the entrance in our small back lot. After unloading please move your car.

The fair ends at 16h. After 16h you can start packing. Please be so kind not to go earlier.

If you have questions, let me know!

Eric Toonen
Erix Collectables



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