Two years ago Michelle De Leon founded World Afro day. A day to celebrate positivity in the black and mixed ace community towards natural hair. The Afro has been a big part of black history and deserves the spotlight.

De Leon started her journey to change the view on natural hair in 2017, she felt the heritage connected to the Afro deserved to be heard and it is important for minority communities to embrace themselves.


Her movement and World Afro Day are dedicated to share awareness on how the beauty industry in particular pushes for long straight hair in beauty standards.


She was even invited to come speak in front of the United Nations in Geneva to explain her efforts and reasons to spread positivity on the Afro. Often a stigma in society and the workplace keep people from feeling love for their natural hair leading to isolation and shame.


Apart from having founded World Afro Day, she organises events, and works with schools and authorities to tackle discrimination against Afro Hair.


If you want to know more about the subject please click the link below.


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