Things you recognize when you are in a hurry

And end up being late.


I think many people recognize this. It's Monday morning, you got up on time and yet you have to run for the bus at the very last moment. You just don't manage to be on time and it always ends in a rush. At moments like this, of course, everything goes against you. Your shirt gets stuck when you walk past the door, you lose your keys and you get upset. Nice start of the day, isn't it? Luckily, you are not the only one and that is why I have made a list of things you will recognize when you are in a hurry.


Outfit check

You have an outfit in your mind that you want to wear but you can't find that one shirt anywhere. PANIC! Because even though you have enough clothes, you can only wear that shirt. You look in the laundry basket and see the shirt lying there. So, you quickly think of another outfit.


Everything is lost

Where is my key?" "Where did I put my water bottle?" "I had my phone in my hands just a minute ago”. Does this sound familiar? Chances are it does, because at times like these, everything disappears.


Forgetting things

When you finally get there and are in the car with all your stuff, a little voice pops into your head wondering if the door is locked. You are almost sure that it is, but there is always a chance that you have not done so. Better check anyway.



Okay, you're home a little later because of your hurried behavior, but that doesn't mean that the entire country suddenly has to wait at the traffic lights where normally no one is! Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this and you have to accept the waiting.


In which points do you recognize yourself?

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