The weirdest variations on Dutch food

Some of the typical Dutch dishes we love so much have been given a new twist. And while some still seem delicious and make us curious, some variations don't appeal to us at all. 

Worstenbood pizza

Do you like pizza and worstenbrood? Now you can eat both at the same time: Jumbo has created a worstenbrood pizza. The pizza also comes with a bag of curry, so you can put it on top of the pizza. For some, the pizza sounds good, while others find it a shame that this has been done with the Brabantse worstenbrood.


Frikandel spreads and pies

The frikandel is the Dutch snack that's given a new look the most. Aldi has made a frikandel pie. And last year the Jumbo had another weird combination: the frikandel speciaal salad. Lidl also joined the trend: they had a frikandel speciaal spread. 


Tompouce blonde ale

At first it seemed like a joke, but it's really true. Hema has come up with a very special drink: a beer with tompouce flavor. The beer tastes like creamy vanilla with raspberry. 


Licorice ice cream

This one probably doesn't seem so weird, unless you hate licorice of course. Katja came out with three different licorice ice creams a few months ago. The brand's popular apekoppen (ape heads), yogurt gums, and biggetjes (piglets) can now be found in ice cream form. Venco has also made ice cream out of their licorice school crayons. 


Choco drop

Venco has created another new product with their licorice: Choco licorice. It is licorice that is coated with chocolate. They come in five varieties: milk, pure, white salmiac, pure salt and milk aniseed.


Are you curious about these variations and would you try them or do you prefer to stick to the classics?

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