The Flying Pins in Eindhoven: why are they yellow?

The artwork with large pins and bowling ball catches our eye immediately as we drive down John F. Kennedylaan.

As soon as you walk out of Eindhoven Station you can almost see it: the Flying Pins. But does anyone have an idea why this artwork is placed there? The artwork was unveiled on May 31, 2000. The idea of the artwork came about when the artists saw the Kennedylaan. They thought it looked like a bowling alley because of its length. The flying pins of the artwork make it look like a strike was thrown. According to the artists who created the Flying Pins, the artwork stands for the origin and development of Eindhoven. 


The yellow pins

Normally bowling pins are white, but the pins of the Flying Pins are yellow. The yellow color stands for the daffodils that grow on the Kennedylaan every spring. Yellow also stands for energy and inspiration, which fits well with the industrial and technological side of Eindhoven! You can tell that it has been well thought out!


Expensive work of art 

The pins and bowling ball cost about 1.1 million euros! The highest point of the artwork is 8.5 meters high and the bowling ball has a diameter of about 6.7 meters. The Flying Pins was largely funded by the business community, institutions and individuals.


Now you can tell everything you know about the artwork the next time you drive by the Flying Pins!


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