In the futuristic building, the visitor is  transported into a playful world of design, art, science and film, through the per ception of future thinkers, dreamers and designers. The exhibition is made by Next  Nature (NN), an organization that focuses on future thinking. 

Classic future dreams 

Dreams of the future have existed since the beginning of humanity and are timeless.  They are about eternal life, the dream of knowing everything and a life lived in paradise.  The dreams are an inspiration for artists who will shine a new light on the future with a  fascinating collaboration of film, art and design. With work by Studio Drift, Maison de  Faux & Esmay Wagemans, Driessens & Verstappen, Audrey Large, Tabita Rezaire,  Michael Mandiberg and Studio Smack. 

From dream to reality 

Today, many dreams have become a reality. Da Vinci fantasized of flying in the 15th  century, which became a reality at the beginning of the 20th century. In the past  communicating through a screen was science fiction, now our digital lives have become  a habit and a necessity. In RetroFuture, the visitor travels through ten tunnels full of  fiction and facts that have shaped our future. All 3000 m2 of the Evoluon has been trans formed, across the four rings of the renowned building for the RetroFuture exhibition. 

Look into the future 

What about tomorrow’s future? Ten ideas about contemporary topics are displayed  in a fairground area. Find the Microbial Vending Machine by Emma van der Leest, a  converted snack machine where instead of croquettes (the iconic Dutch fast-food snack)  you will find products made from algae and enzymes. Take your chances in the slot  machine and see where the future of money lies. Visit a haunted house and encounter a  collage of frightening things that you hope will remain a nightmare. Step into our VR Time  Machine that takes you millions of years ahead into a distant future.  +31(0)202613853 

Noord Brabantlaan 1A 5652 LA Eindhoven  The Netherlands 


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