Sweet Dreams Bakery:
Dream it, Plan it, Do it!

Sweet Dreams Bakery is an American bakery focusing on freshly baked Cinnarolls,Cookies and Pastries all within a weekly changing menu! Owners (and partners) Aralys Castillo and Amar Raduzzi test each recipe multiple times to create mouthwatering products. 

What started as a quarantine hobby in 2020 in Landgraaf (Limburg), turned into “Sweet Dreams Bakery” with a Grand Opening on 5 August at Jan van Lieshoutstraat 14 in Eindhoven Centre. 

Aralys and Amar had a clear strategy:“This business is more than just American Cinnamon Rolls, Cookies and pastries. It is filled with dreaming of the perfect life, planning for it, and working for it. 

We created a goal in 2021 to be located in Eindhoven by 2022. We dreamed about it. We meditated on this. We strategically planned it. And now, in August of 2022 we opened our doors! Dream it, Plan it, Do it. Works every time. Everything we have accomplished is a dream come true and we are really only getting started.”

Open: every day from 9:00 - 18:00 hrs        


Contact:           +31 644303951


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