STRP Festival 2023: The Art of Listening

Do you love art, technology, and design? Lucky you! From 13 April to 16, the STRP Festival will strike again in the city with interactive installations, light art, talks, and more! 

This year's theme: 'The Art of Listening.' From 13 to 16 April 2023, STRP Festival dives deeper into the theme of 'The Art of Listening'. In our society we prefer seeing to hearing and speaking to listening. Self-expression is what drives thinking, science and our social media. Now that social media serve as a megaphone for the masses, and anyone can voice their opinion at any time, STRP wonders who is left to listen.

How can we revalue and reclaim the art of listening? With this question in mind, STRP is looking to collaborate with artists, designers, thinkers, and makers in order to translate the theme of Listening into original, critical and innovative works or scenarios for the future.

More information: STRP 

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