New year traditions from around the world

New Years Eve is a big deal  in a lot of cultures around the world and each culture has their own traditions. And boy are they all different and unique! HOWDO found these cute and interesting customs for you!

new years eve

Eating grapes in Spain

For Spanish people starting the new year involves eating 12 grapes at midnight. At each stroke of the clock you eat one grape. The grapes represent good luck for each month of the coming year. It’s done with family and friends or even outside with strangers. People will gather at squares to eat grapes and share Cava with other festive strangers.


Denmark jumps into the new year

Denmark has several fun traditions. When the new year comes around they will throw old plates and glasses at the front door of family and friends to scare away the bad spirits. They also get on a chair and will jump off when the clock strikes midnight, this way they litterally jump into the new year.


Special underwear in central and south America

In many south and central American countries it is common to wear special underwear on New Years Eve. With special meanings connected to what type you wear, red underwear is really popular because it brings love. Yellow is supposed to bring money!


Bonfires in Scotland

Although Scots could probably find any occasion festive enough to start a bonfire. New years eve is the time of year many communities will have huge bonfires to celebrate the new year.


Pooring tin with the Fins

Finnish people believe you can predict the future by pooring molten tin into water. The shape the tin takes when it hardens predicts what will happen in the coming year. A heart or ring predicts a wedding, a ship means travel and a pig means there will be plenty of food. 


We really loved finding out about all these fun traditions. Does your culture have any fun or quirky traditions? Let us know in the comments!


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