Moving is a live event, not only for you but also for your family members. It can be an adventure, a hassle or maybe it will challenge you to do things you did not know you were capable of! A good move of a house starts with preparation, so you won't get lost in detail or feeling overwhelmed.

As an expat, you already have experience with moving from one country to another. Adapting to culture, local habits, and much more. Although every move is different, you can rely on a certain experience.

There you are. You finally have bought or rented a house, dealt with getting a mortgage and other paperwork. That's the moment the preparation phase starts. Maybe the most important phase in the moving process. By doing your preparation well, it will save time and trouble later on. But where to begin? You can ask yourself some questions:

  • What should my ideal house look like? Dream!

  • What is the most important room in my new house?

  • Do you have a budget?

  • Is there anything that you need to adapt to your new house?

  • How much time do I have?

  • Do I need support?

After you have dreamed about your goals, it is time for practical preparation. You can visit showrooms for ideas, make lists of things you need to buy, ask for quotations, change addresses, search for a dentist, GP, and maybe a school for your children. Think about which company you want to choose for the internet and electricity.

Then it's time to pack the boxes. Even though it is some work to write down on the box what's in there and where it needs to go, the effort will payout. We all know the example of someone packed the boxes, numbered them, and wrote down what was in every box. After a year of storage, the note was lost, and they did not know what was in every box. That's something you don't want, is it?

Is there anything typical Dutch about moving here in the Netherlands? Here some thoughts to help you forward. When you move, you normally can ask for a day of leave paid by the company. A lot of companies will give that to you. In the Netherlands, people are also used to do a lot of odd jobs themselves or ask friends for it, in order to save money. Some offer up their vacation days for that. It is also pretty normal to rent a little truck and ask some friends to help you move the stuff. In this case, the catering is very important, coffee, sandwiches, and a beer afterward are highly appreciated! Besides that, it is very important to change your address on time in the register of the municipality. By that, a lot of governmental organizations know your new address.

We wish you a smooth move!

Marijke Nelisse

Settle Down Support

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