“Maps of the Earth after the end of the World” - Exhibition by Ana Leonor Madeira Rodrigues

What happens after we are gone?
Why might we be gone?
Will some of us still be here?
What does the earth look like then?

Those are questions that guided Ana Leonor Madeira Rodrigues through her artist in residence period at MAKE Eindhoven where she developed her works for the exhibition “Maps of the Earth after the end of the world ”.

We like to invite you to dive into her thought processes and experience the landscapes and works of Ana during the opening on Friday September 9th at 20.00.

The present project “MAPS OF THE EARTH AFTER THE END OF THE WORLD” includes mostly the works which were made during the residency period at MAKE EINDHOVEN.

Albert van Abbehuis, Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven
Opening: Friday September 9th at 8pm
Exhibition: 10 September - 9 October, Thursday to Sunday 1-5pm



The world began to melt and vanish. Not there anymore.
The Earth changed completely after its end.
The surface was covered with a crust of plastic-like material, sometimes soft, sometimes hard. Just a few people survived.
The few persons that survived this end, began to register the new shape of its surface.
New names for lakes, for rivers, for seas, for islands, for mountains, for planes.

Only approaches of this new shape of the surface were possible, never knowing if they were real maps or wish maps. Slowly a new cartography of the world began to appear, with maps and atlases, that were a result between the collected information, memories of before and wishes that the surface becomes stable.



The new maps were interactive in the way that every observer would see in them his/her own inner reflection. So, the map but also what was there represented would change accordingly.

These records cannot be used for orientation in the strict sense as they were used before.

There are two different stages of the work document in the first stage, the disappearing earth, and it is composed of seven maps and their different stages until disappearing. The maps were printed with etching technique, but instead of a metal plate the matrices are silicon blades.



Although the project began some time before, most of its development happened in Eindhoven and in the context of the residency at MAKE Eindhoven.

In MAKE Eindhoven are 3 workshops combined under 1 roof, in the heart of Eindhoven. Artists can explore and research the possibilities of glass, metal, graphic techniques and more. Here ideas are brought to life. You can imagine it like a playground for creative and artistic makers who want to explore the possibilities of materials and techniques. MAKE Eindhoven is a place to experiment, innovate, create and stimulate and to share knowledge. (Inter)national creative and artistic makers work here on short- and long-term projects.



Ana Leonor Madeira Rodrigues lives and works in Lisbon and has been showing her work regularly since the 90s.Her work, as an artist, stands at the frontier of different areas of knowledge, using scientific

hypotheses that are poetic and ironically altered and transformed into plastic possibilities. It includes the “burned by blue” effect, a bacteriological accident that alters the relationship between closed spaces and their inhabitants. Or, more recently, the maps of an Earth after the end.

She also has an intense activity as a draftswoman. Her interest in drawing extends to all kinds of traces on paper, including random images,particularly those resulting from mechanical devices. She is a Full Professor in drawing at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon.

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