Life hacks you need to know today!

Because why not?


It's Monday morning, you're already in a hurry and then the zip on your trousers won't go up properly. Super annoying! How are you going to solve this now? Or this one: you are baking pancakes but the mixture literally flies in all directions as soon as you put it in the pan. How do you solve this? Luckily, there have been people who thought a little deeper and came up with original solutions.

Want to bet that the following life hacks will make your day a little bit better?


Pancakes and ketchup

Avoid a kitchen full of pancake mixture. This makes it easier to dose the amount of mixture you want in the pan without it flying around.


Zips and rings

Your zip keeps falling off, it's so annoying. Take a ring that holds your keys and slip it around your zip. Put the ring around your button and this way your zip will stay up all day.


Paint and rubber bands

Are you painting but you keep getting so much paint on your brush every time? Put a rubber band around the paint pot and wipe your brush with it every time. This way, the unnecessary amount of paint falls back into the pot and you don't have to use the sides of the pot.


Muffin tin and BBQ

We enjoy a BBQ, but you'll be doing the dishes all evening. Take a muffin tin and put a sauce or other essentials in each one. This way you only have to clean the little boxes and you have more time to spend in the garden! 


And for the people who heat up their food in the microwave, space out a circle in the middle, it will heat up much more evenly.


Super useful, I am definitely going to try this out!

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