How to get used to Dutch summers.

Aah Dutch summers! They remain a mystery to all, one year you are hanging on for dear life in the most dry heat ever. The next year, well I guess this year is that next year. A lot of rain, cool days and a very indecisive sun. 


If you come from a warm climate a Dutch summer can seem a bit like a let down, but it also has perks! 


The combination of rain and sun let’s your garden flourish without too much help from you. So goodbye to endless watering, or a sprinkler that runs your water bill up. And if you want to get away for a few days you don’t have to rely on people taking care of your outdoor plants.


Cool days stand for cool nights. So in a lot of cases you do not really need an expensive or loud AC. Just open up your window when the evening turns cool, and you will mostly be fine. 


Dutch air is barely ever really dry, this is great for your skin. You will have a much easier time keeping your skin hydrated in combination weather, than in a dry hot environment. So enjoy the weather, and young skin!


And last but not least, a diverse weather pattern keeps your mental state fresh. Having one solid season/weather throughout the year can give you the feeling every season is the same. People thrive on change every now and then. 


Enjoy Dutch summer!

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