HEY! VINA? THE app to meet new friends!

Making friends, this used to be very easy. You literally asked the girl sitting next to you in class if she would like to be your friend.


Through the years, you make more and more friends, partly by joining clubs, through school or at work. But what if all that stops now? You can' t go out and meet new people and many are working at home. HEY! VINA? has found a solution to this problem!


HEY! VINA? is an app that some of you may already know. But for the girls among us who don't know it, this is an app that can be compared to Tinder. The difference with the dating app is the fact that HEY! VINA? is an app to make friends, not to find love.


You create a free profile and fill in your interests. The app will also ask you questions such as whether you are an introvert or an extrovert and if you are a planner or if you like spontaneous actions.  Once your profile is ready, you can start swiping. If you and another person both swipe to the right, a new window opens where you can start a conversation.


Because you can link your account to Facebook you are usually only one Facebook friend away from the other person. This way it feels more familiar and you know for sure that your new friend is "real". All of this is free and you can pay for more functions. This way you can get access to the premium features. 


Besides swiping new friends, you can also talk to girls in a party chat. In this chat, you can find Dutch girls as well as girls from other countries, so very diverse! You can also create an event or join one. For the events you can register yourself, to then participate in the group app.


Take a look on the app and who knows, you might meet a whole new group of friends here!

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