Freezing weather, cold body

Burr! Autumn has just begun and as the temperature gets lower and lower by the day, we embrace ourselves with a winter coat and a cup of warm chocolate milk. You take one step outside and you wished you could bring your blanket to your workplace. Sounds familiar?


Bring back the summer 

Now that summer has come to an end, us humans have to prepare for the freezing gloomy weather that is coming our way. The most common cause of having a frequent cold, depends on your hygiene, health, and sleep, overall, your daily routine. 

Let´s start with the most common reason we are catching cold: sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation (in short sleep deprive) is when lake of sleep. Studies show that healthy adults should sleep seven to nine hours of sleep because it can help with your immune system, it restores the body.

Sweets and sugars are a temptation to our mouths and sadly, a cause of catching cold which brings us to the second reason: Not eating healthy. Eating proceeds food and sugary supplements decrease our immune system. Therefore, you should add foods such as soup, veggies and fruits in your daily routine. 

Lastly and most importantly: Wear thick clothes. It is pretty logic that thin clothes is big no, especially if we are going towards the winter. But sometimes we put fashion above our morals. So, turn on the heather, grab an ugly sweater and drink a warm bowl of soup. It is getting cold.


bron: Insider

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