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We joined the trend and made a TikTok-account! We will take you with us on events and culture in Eindhoven. 

The app has become very popular among young people and reached 100 million users. On TikTok you can share short videos. There’s a lot of dancing and singing, but also comedy and life hacks. 

There are a lot of trends on the app, like ‘’Dutch stuff’’ where you film typical Dutch behaviour. TikTok also makes songs popular on the radio, like Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo, which is now number one in the Top 40. 


What are you going to see?

We will show you how beautiful and fun Eindhoven is! We’re doing this by walking through Strijp S and drink coffee while enjoying the sun. We will also show you our days at the office, maybe you’ll even find a fun life hack! 


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