Flower Parade Valkenswaard 2021
Save the date; Sunday September 12th

Since 1953, on the second Sunday of September, the “Stichting Bloemencorso Valkenswaard” (Foundation Flower Parade Valkenswaard) organizes the annual Flower Parade. This parade consists of wonderful wagons covered with dahlias (flowers). Together with several music bands, the floats make up a feast for the eyes and ears within the streets of Valkenswaard, performed in front of more than 30.000 spectators.

The yearly revised theme of the Flower parade is being acted out by the wagons and all the acts around them, in a combination of street show and music theatre. The flower floats arbeing built by people of all ages in 14 neighbourhoods of Valkenswaard.

Internationals Stand

In 2019 the organization introduced an “Internationals Stand”, because they saw an increasing number of especially English speaking people joining the spectacle. Their service went even further: Melanie, volunteer at International Creative Women, was taken under the wings of Peter van den Boogaard, who is speaker of the Flower Parade for many years. With his support she provided the audience with English spoken information about the floats and the subjects. The cooperation between Melanie and Peter went so well, and got that many compliments from spectators, that Robin Wijnen, responsible for P.R. and Communication, asked Melanie for the 2020 edition as well.

Theme 2021: Celebrations all over the world

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the 2020 edition was postponed but the theme for 2021 was already announced: “Wereldse feesten” (Wordly Celbrations). No less than 13 festivals worldwide will be portrayed in the wonderful wagons, from Mexico/Latin America, India, Italy, Thailand, Spain, U.S.,China, Scotland, New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan.

Given the theme, one more reason for internationals to save the date and visit this great event: Sunday September 12th!! Of course everything depends on the RIVM measurements, but the organization and hundreds of people working on the wagons and on the cultivation of the dahlias are convinced that the 2021 edition will be as spectacular as the editions before.

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