Evoluon – RetroFuture

Eindhoven’s most iconic building The Evoluon has reopened to the public with the RetroFuture exhibition. The exhibition explores how we looked at the future in the past and what our expectations of the future are now.

No less than 3000 square meters of exhibition space has been set up in the futuristic national monument. As a visitor, in a spectacular and playful setting with design, art, science and film you are taken into the world of future thinkers, dreamers and artists through a visually overwhelming exhibition.

The RetroFuture exhibition was received with great enthusiasm by the press. De Volkskrant: “Evoluon, the ‘Eiffel Tower of Eindhoven’ will be restored as a technology museum after 33 years”. NRC: “It is more than just looking and reading, in this narrative exhibition, with numerous layers, which constantly provokes surprise and discussion.


What was strange, awkward and/or artificial yesterday is familiar or even natural today. The classical dreams and challenges of the Egyptians, for example, inspire contemporary artists to create surprising mixes of objects, film and design, which shed new light on the future. Dreaming about eternal life, a paradise on earth or a nightmare in which the world will come to an end; in the Evoluon you are made to think. And just five minutes from Eindhoven Airport, the Evoluon is perhaps the first thing you see when you enter the city. In any case, the first really striking building. Parking is easy on site, although Eindhoven ‘s ‘flying saucer’ is also easily accessible by bus and shared bicycle or scooter.

Iconic Eindhoven

“UFO Evoluon is a must-visit landmark in Eindhoven,” said an American visitor to the city. This special exhibition provides hours of entertainment and in between you can enjoy special food and a beautiful view in Brasserie Next. The restaurant lets you marvel at what happens when people, nature and technology come together, and challenge each other. A place where you can relax, or experience a true (taste) sensation on the edge of your seat. You learn to see what you eat, recognize what you drink, taste what you smell and choose what you want. We make the connection between technology and food and drink.

Join the crew members of the Evoluon

The daily flow of visitors at the Evoluon is accompanied by a team of volunteers, the crew members of the Evoluon. They are easily recognizable by their black and yellow T-shirts and are an important face of the exhibition.

If you are also interested in being a volunteer in the Evoluon, sign up at


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