Everything you need to know about bringing your pet to the Netherlands

A great job offer or a specific education probably brought you to the Netherlands. Maybe you had to leave your pet behind at friends or family, find out everything you need to know about moving your pet here. 

Moving your pet from a EU country to the Netherlands

This combination is the easiest to accomplish when it comes to moving your pets here. 

Dogs, cats and ferrets have to be at least 15 weeks old and need to have a microchip. They must have received their rabies vaccination at 12 weeks. Which can be checked with their European pet passport. Also the Netherlands wants all dogs to be registered with the council in their region, for tax purposes. In the Netherlands it’s common to pay a yearly tax for your dog.


Rabbits, birds, fish, rodents and reptiles require you to get a health certificate for them. that is signed by a veterinarian. Also make sure your pet isn’t considered a protected species and you can move them under the convention of trade in endangered species.


Moving your pet from a country outside of the EU

This process is a little more complicated, and based on the animal and what country you are moving from it can be a lengthy ordeal. Check the link below if your country is considered a high or low risk country. If you can find your country on this list you are low risk.

In this case your moving process will not be very different from moving from a EU country.


If you are moving from a high risk country you will not only have to show proof of vaccination you will also need to have your pet tested for antibodies in a EU approved laboratory. Find out in detail what steps you need to take here.


Take care of your pets!

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