Everything you need during the Eurovision Song Contest

Today is the first semifinal, on Thursday the second semifinal and on Saturday the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Especially during the grand final, you'll have to do everything you can to make it a fun night. 

Make sure you are comfortable

The final is about three hours and forty-five minutes long. So make yourself comfortable by putting on some comfy clothes. That way you can sit on the couch and enjoy the show without being in annoying tight clothes. 



Do you really want to get in the mood? Before the festival starts, eat a typical Rotterdam dish: the kapsalon. This is fries topped with shoarma, cheese, lettuce and tomato. 

When the festival starts, chips and popcorn should be on the table. In addition, you can also put out tasty crackers, tapas or sushi. Of course you can't forget about the drinks, preferably just placed next to the table so we don't have to get up. Nice wine, beer or just some iced tea can't be missing.


Bathroom breaks

Sometimes songs come along that may not be quite your taste. That's when it's time to go to the bathroom, because you have to after all that drinking!



With the official app of the Eurovision Song Contest you can read about the artists. And you can find the lyrics of the songs so you can sing along. There is also information about the country, for example, how often they have won. A new feature in the app is applause. When you press the applause button, a real sound of applause is mixed in during the broadcast. 

With the Song Contest app of the AVROTROS you can vote for artists together with your friends. Voting is based on three things: the song, act and outfit. These votes do not count officially, but it's just fun to do with friends. 


The grand final starts at 21:00 on Saturday, so make sure you have everything set up and are ready for a nice evening with friends and family. 

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