Eindhoven Airport’s Unusual Suspects

Although you can’t get a ticket to the movie set of Usual Suspects all the way in the United States, we checked out what striking destinations Eindhoven Airport does have to offer, starting with the furthest destination. Any guesses? It’s Sal in Cape Verde. An island in the Atlantic Ocean at the height of Senegal. The solid 4.500 kilometers take about 7 hours of flying. Ilha do Sal, Portuguese for ‘salt island’, refers to the local salt mines that you can still visit.

Coming from Africa, we now fly over to our most northern destination: Riga! The capital of Latvia is still upcoming for both tourism and business alike.

Besides that, it is also a handy hub in northeastern Europe - being in the middle of Estonia and Lithuania - for expats from the Baltic states.

If you’re in love with the cool design initiatives Eindhoven has to offer, like Dutch Design Week, the Strijp-S transformation and light art festival GLOW, we have a tip for you. Eindhoven Airport recently added Bilbao to the destination list of its most popular country: Spain. Bilbao is the design capital of northern Spain. May we say ‘the Eindhoven of Basque Country’? You probably have to make that call yourself…

The destination with the most unusual name, to pronounce for us Dutch people that is, but maybe for you too: Rzesr.w. The city in southeastern Poland is slightly smaller than Eindhoven, but also has many high-tech companies in the region. For Eindhoven Airport it’s the 9th city in Poland on the menu. That makes it actually the second most popular country for flights from Eindhoven! There is a clear reason for this: we have many Polish people working in both Eindhoven and the surrounding cities and villages. Adding Rzesr.w as a destination helps our Polish fellow citizens get home faster and easier.

Another interesting, but relatively unknown region of Eindhoven Airport services is the Balkan with Montenegro and Macedonia more specifically. If you’re up for some off-the-beaten-track destination, this is your chance. Eindhoven has flights to Ohrid (Macedonia) and Tivat (Montenegro). The countries have similarities being part of the Balkan, but also their own unique characters regarding nature, architecture and history.

How many of these have you visited already?

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