Chocolate letters as festive snack?

You have probably seen them in our grocery stores, chocolate letters. You have them in all kind of variants: milk, white and pure chocolate, with nuts on them and marzipan sometimes. But where do these letters come from and why do we have them? We’ll explain!

In the 1900’s they made these out of bread, and when Saint Nicholas came into our country most of the children got one of these letters, the letter of their first name! In the end of the 1900’s they began to make the letters out of chocolate. In the beginning the letters were quite unfair. If you had a first name that began with an ‘I’ you had less chocolate then for example an ‘M’. Could only be the Dutchies! Nowadays there’s a rule that every chocolate letter must be the same weight. So the ‘M’ is a little more narrow and the ‘I’ is a little bit thicker. 

Some letters are not in high production, like the Q,Y and Z as not many people have a name that starts with one of these letters. Nowadays you don’t only have the simple chocolate letters, as they come with decorations like marzipan, nuts or m&m’sIn Eindhoven we have a very good chocolatier where you can buy all sorts of chocolate, from bon-bon’s to delicious chocolate letters!

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