A day out to: Grocerie Markets!

One of the best feelings for most of us is being around people. Another thing that many people find important and fun to do is cooking and eating fresh products! If you combine these two things you should visit the old fashioned, but still very popular weekly markets that you will find in almost every city! In Eindhoven we have a few of them on different days and we will show you what kind of markets we have and when. 

City Centre weekly market

In the middle of the Eindhoven city centre many market stall holders will come and sell their fresh and high quality products. This market isn’t only limited to food but also clothing, fabrics and smartphone accessories. In the winter time (from october until april) this market is open from 09:00-14:00. In the summer time it’s open until 16:00. This market is on every tuesday. 

Woenselse Markt

One of the biggest weekly markets on saturday in Eindhoven is on the Woenselse Markt. Normally this is a big parking lot but every Saturday it turns into a big food market! You can find typical Dutch things like Kibbeling (fried fish) or stroopwafel! Many people from surrounding neighbourhoods are doing most of their grocery shopping here, which makes it a very friendly and cultural place to visit! 

Feelgood Market

The Feelgood market is a different kind of market than you would normally expect. It raken place on every 3rd sunday of the month and is a market full of vintage stuff like clothing and old vintage art. On this market you will also find all kinds of different bio food sellers! The organisation of this market will provide you with live music, which you can enjoy from a terrace with a coffee and a bio cookie! You should really visit this one once! The next market is on the 17th of april from 12:00 on.

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