Flying home for Christmas

The holiday season is coming and that doesn’t go unnoticed at Eindhoven Airport. Of course we see people exploring Europe as a festive getaway, but also many of our international ‘new locals’ return home to see family and friends.

The Brainport region certainly does not only have expats from Asia or America. We also have a diverse Eastern-European community of people who study and/or work here. Especially from Poland, Bulgaria and Romania, many workers come to Eindhoven and the surrounding region. And the airport is the bridge here between Eindhoven and their many different hometowns, so they too can be with friends and family after a year of hard work.

Curious to know what the most popular routes will be these coming weeks? Let’s look back on last year’s top 5 destinations from Eindhoven Airport in December. You can clearly see the regional connection with Eastern Europe where many of our international work force comes from: three out of five cities are in that region. Sofi a takes 5th place (5,875 passengers in December 2021), Budapest comes 4th (7,065 passengers) and Krakow in place 3 (8,945 passengers). With no less than 32 destinations in Eastern Europe, there is plenty of room for the whole of Eindhoven to go home to family, as well as to discover the hometowns of new colleagues and neighbors.

Curious for the number one and two in the top 5? Those spots are reserved for the slightly warmer country of Spain, popular with both Dutch and international passengers alike to escape the cold winter for a bit. Malaga received 9,229 passengers (2nd place) and Alicante had 10,070 passengers, putting it in 1st place. But whatever choice you make, we wish you happy holidays and a wonderful 2023!

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