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Compared with the world 100 or 150 years ago, we live in a more peaceful, richer, healthier, educated, and developed world. So why are we so plagued by anxiety?

I dare to point my finger to a few big issues:

- We have a multitude of opportunities, but we have very little guidance and knowledge about what we really want and who we really want to be.

- We compare ourselves with fabricated images and we compare our life story with carefully curated posts we find on social media.

- Our mind is filled with strict rules, demands, preferences, and limiting beliefs that hold us back and shrink considerably the realm of what’s possible for us- and we believe everything we think (unfortunately!).

To change the world and the society in the timespan of our life in order to rid ourselves of worries is a task too big. Therefore, only one brave, uncomfortable, radical yet life-changing thing can save us: self-awareness.

Self-awareness will allow us to meet ourselves: we will learn to welcome, listen to, and not to cling to our emotions, and observe each thought and break patterns of the mind that rule us. When we will be kinder to ourselves and confident in our skills to deal with life, we will also proceed to create better friendships, families, jobs, and communities.

By being confident, more impartial, rational, and mindful, one can solve life’s puzzles faster and worry less.


Laura Curta

Life Coach

International Creative Women


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