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There seems to always be something to worry about...
But what does it mean to worry?

The stress and worry we have can be reduced to two things:

- We do not have trust in ourselves

- We view the world as harsher and more difficult to figure out than it really is. 

Let me explain. We tend to grossly underestimate how good we are at solving problems, managing challenges, and figuring out a way to reach our goals. It is important to have some peace of mind and be happy. We lack faith in ourselves!


When we worry, somehow, we are suddenly the least adequate people to do a good job at anything. Or so we think. It is a matter of confidence, being clear on who you are, and having the courage to extend yourself some grace and trust.

Why we worry and fall into an endless pit of anxiety is also because we are naturally wired to scan for danger and take more interest in it than in the good things that happen. All is good until it is not anymore, and then the brain needs to be ready. In a way, it’s better to overestimate how dangerous a lion is than to underestimate his teeth and get eaten. But is this kind of thinking still needed in the world we live in?


Laura Curta 

Life Coach

International Creative Women

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