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Three skills to learn quickly in order to deal with worries

By becoming more self-aware and grounded, we control our emotions and thoughts better, which automatically translates to dealing with stress more effectively and lessening our anxiety a great deal. Here is how to do that:

1. Watch what you think! ​What upsets, angers, or worries us is not so much what is happening outside of us, but what meaning we give to it. Therefore, any strong preference, rule, and demand should be watched carefully. Look for any belief which has a must, should, has to, have to- in it.

2. Do a reality check!​ Distinguish between things that are happening and are real and things that you think will happen. Also, cultivate resilience: learn to change what is in your control and accept what is not.
3. Meditation, prayer, and gratitude.​ Before you can think clearly in order to solve problems or let go of worry, you must clear your mind. You can do so by practising mindful meditation, entering in a conversation with your God, or switching your focus to the bright part of your existence by making a list of the things you are grateful for.
Some extra tips:  
- Read Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying & Start Living
- Talk with a life coach, therapist,
or psychologist
- Speak up! Be courageous and tell someone: “This is what worries me. Help me!”
Laura Curta
Life Coach
International Creative Women

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