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How does inspiration work? How can we create a genuine work after being inspired by so many people? How can I let all that inspiration go and solely trust my gut feeling? How are all these elements linking together?

I've been searching for the answer for years until I've finally understood the process by the mundane psychological fact of "letting go".

Looking at the world, we get inspired by so many things, and we might even forget about it, but it's still there, in the back of our minds, affecting the things we do. But is it a problem? 
If we think about it, all the great impressionists found their own style by going mainly to Paris in the 19th century, sharing ideas, regularly creating together, and using each other's vibe to lift each other up and find their own unique "voice" - by an inspired, higher state of existence.
There's a creator in all of us, whether we know it or not! We express ourselves in various ways, consciously or unconsciously. So why not experiment with materials, see how they react with each other? Especially with the ones, which other people tell you wouldn't match. Those turned out to be the most beautiful unexpected creations of my art experience.
So I encourage everyone to keep experimenting and break free of all limitations! And last but not least, take this moment of bliss with you today! 
Henriett Brezinski

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